Anil was born in Mumbai, India and was an engineer during his career, working mostly with visual technologies in graphics, video and imaging.  During his later years, he started practicing painting, back to his childhood hobby.

Anil has always loved to be by the water and enjoys sailing when he can. Growing up near the shore in Mumbai, he was fascinated by the colorful sunsets, the monsoon clouds, and turbulent seas. He enjoys capturing the beauty of the waves, clouds and sunsets in their dynamic yet transient nature. In his work, he commits these passing moments to the canvas – the colors, the forms, shadows and flickers of light – using richness of oil paints. His style ranges from realistic to semi-abstract, giving a bit of personal interpretation to these memories.


Charlene’s love for fine arts evolved from early years practicing ballet and later on as a teacher of interior design. As a Home Economics teacher, she developed a natural affinity for color, form and placement.  She taught Feng Shui for many years, focusing on elements in nature and bringing balance into the home for everyday life.

She first pursued painting after teaching courses in creativity development based on Julia Cameron's book, The Artist's Way – leading her to explore her own creativity. She brings the elements of Feng Shui: natural forms and colors, placed in visually pleasing and impactful ways to create pieces that communicate a fleeting mood – often observed in nature, in skies, water and trees.

She loves to paint abstracts in acrylic as a way to capture her inner emotions and translate them with bold brushstrokes on the canvas, often creating dynamic movements driven by her memories of ballet.


Crys has over 20 years of landscape, wildlife, and night photography experience. She looks to capture the personality of a place or thing. With night photography and water scenes, She loves to see how the camera “sees” versus how we see and how she can use that to capture the essence of that moment. Prints are available at various sizes on paper, metal, and/or canvas and special orders can be accommodated!